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About Us


What started decades back in my own home town has mushroomed into a legacy—a legacy that has experienced years of testing, trials and understanding customers’ need and satisfaction and now has assumed a level of excellence only matched by the best in the culinary industry.

Now we are here, across the Indian Ocean and landed on a very different yet fascinating culture. And we bring with us the core of hospitality that rings true across all the continents of the globe—the philosophy of entertaining the gastronomic desire of people of Brisbane.

Bengal kitchen is not only a place of fine dining—this is a temple for the food enthusiast. Perfectly decorated to meet the need of five senses--our ambiance, service and above all the menu will not only delight your appetite but also award you with a sense of fulfillment—a true blend of both gastronomic and emotional gratification.

Our endeavor is to create a sense of attachment for our valued customers through our authentic and finely prepared Bengali cuisine who would come back again and again and offer us the delight to serve them with the best of hospitality. A journey we have undertaken and I am confident that this journey marks the beginning of a history in the making. Our patrons will find us entertaining and friendly and our presence will provide an opportunity for them to unwind and be entertained—all in the settings of a home-like atmosphere.

Come and experience the difference.

Mohammad Ali
Chief Executive Officer


Mohammad Ali
Chief Executive Officer, Bengal Kitchen

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